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Programming is for everyone

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Learning to code doesn't have to be hard

All we need is a better teaching system with a user-friendly interface. People Can Program is building that system: An easy-to-use platform for practicing Javascript that focuses on showing helpful error messages, fun lessons, and an intuitive debugger. We've made many innovations which make things easier.

We figured something out

In the past, learning programming online involved way too much banging your head against the wall. It was painful. Code camps can be good approach -- if you've got the money and time. But what about learning on your own?

You can get a job in tech

There aren't enough good jobs for people who aren't programmers. If you want to pursue a job in a tech field but haven't been able to learn, or can't afford to learn the skills you need, People Can Program is for you. We want to see people getting better-paying jobs that are out there for the taking.

Programming is for everyone.

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What is programming, anyway?

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