About us

We are People Can Program. Most of us are programmers who learned the hard way. It was no fun to learn programming without a friendly system to practice on.

So when we started teaching our kids to program, we thought, "There must be something friendly out there by now." We were surprised to find that programming was still pretty much stuck in the Dark Ages. So we decided to write our own programming education system!

People Can Program is free to use until the software is ready for release (we're shooting for Spring 2018). After that, we'll charge a low monthly fee. The system will always be free, or very inexpensive, in the developing world.

The team

Photo of Ness Blackbird

Ness Blackbird

Founder and President


(503) 568 - 4438

Photo of Bjorn Hansen

Bjorn Hansen

Full Stack Developer


Photo of Carolyn Knox

Carolyn Knox

Advisory Board Member


Photo of Scott Robison

Scott Robison

Advisory Board Member


Photo of Marshall Cohen

Marshall Cohen

Professor Emeritus, Cornell University

Advisory Board Member